Date : 23 Nov, 2020 Retail & E-Commerce Industry

A strong digital marketing strategy is a major key to having a good retail and e-commerce market. One of the main aims of digital marketing is to render benefits of the techniques out of the offline world and convert them into online platforms by application of various marketing strategies. In retail platforms, businesses that have improved their e-commerce have clearly verified how swift you can yield income. All thanks to the number of conditioning factors offered by digital marketing that include innovation, lower costs, tactics solely dedicated to specific tools or targets that assist in managing relationships with consumers.

The transition from Physical Stores to Online Platforms

While there still exist consumers, who prefer going into a physical store to check and try out products, an increasing number of online shopping is gaining ground because of technological upliftment and facilities offered by e-commerce platforms such as augmented reality, online tester, virtual mirrors, etc.

The existence of high competition between the brands and the existence of hyper-connected consumers have propelled the retail industry to move into the e-commerce field and change their platform offerings in regard to meet the need of customers.

E-Commerce for Increased Conversions

Today, an increasing number of retailers, along with physical store presence, also have an online presence. Utilizing digital marketing, the e-commerce industry can create heavy revenue as it assists in attaining consumers and brand value. Consumers today are no more dependent on only content & word of mouth marketing before purchasing a service/product; they ensure to read reviews regarding the product on all platforms with a mention about the product they intend to buy. As per the current analysis, thirty-seven million social media visits resulted in nearly 5 lakh orders. Out of the rest, Facebook assists in attaining more traffic to websites giving way to sales that constitute an average of 85% of all orders.

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